Integrated destination management program for sustainable and competitive destinations

With the I-DEST we offer a unique IT system for destinations, which is largely based on primary data and can support guest information, sales, monitoring and product development at the same time. 

Since each destination is based on different characteristics, I-DEST offers each destination personalized options that can significantly help strengthen the destination's market positions, monitor guest movements, guest-focused service development and destination-level quality management. 


Interactive guest information

A website and mobile application powered by the same database, which provides the following guest information services: 

  • interactive map
  • POI points and navigation
  • planning and sharing custom routes
  • audioguide service included in one system, itineraries, museum tours, city visits, etc. 
  • gamification
  • user feedback
  • bookings, sales
  • AR integration
  • social media integration
  • creation of automated guest offers based on artificial intelligence
  • The system is suitable for the integration of existing services and sales solutions.


2. Data-driven destination decision support and sales

I-DEST is able to help decision-makers during development and marketing work with continuous, real-time statistics and forecasts, which can simultaneously analyze financial, environmental and social sustainability data, based on primary data. 

Structured profiling of registered users is an important tool not only for the development of personalized offers and sales, but also because, together with other data flowing into the system (e.g. social media, Google data, reservations, etc.) and the structural guest satisfaction program, it can significantly help the regional development and tourism development program of the given destination, as well as the regional marketing work.  


3. Unified service provider quality improvement system

Complex development package developed for the given destination, which enables uniform preparation of service providers to create quality hospitality (e.g. knowledge abou the destination, horizontal aspects: people with disabilities, families, cyclists, those arriving with dogs, etc.) Tools: primary survey, mentoring, e-learning solutions and development and implementation of complex, destination-specific measurement systems.


Green guidelines - Green Destinations

At the same time, the system can send confirmation to guests about the ecological footprint of their programs, help tourism product development with as small an ecological footprint as possible, and provide information to TDM, service providers and attractions about the environmental load, which contributes important data to the renewal of visitor management and traffic management. 

I-DEST system can play an important role in monitoring changes in sustainability indicators, thus also in preparing for the GD certification. 


5. Local product program – support of short supply chains in the destination

I-DEST's digital platform creates an opportunity to create and daily operate business collaborations between tourism service providers and local producers for the sake of quality and environmentally conscious hospitality.

The I-DEST system also provides effective solutions for organizing the shortest possible supply chain between local product producers and tourist businesses, which ensures that local products of the right volume and quality always end up in the kitchens of restaurants and on the guest tables of accommodation providers. 


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