The Team

Innotime Hungary Kft. was founded in 2018 by Csaba Kedves, using his more than two decades of experience in project planning, project management and attraction development. Not long after, Júlia Nagy joined her, who also has many, many years of experience in destination management, tourism product development and destination marketing. The result of the work of the two of them is the team, which today works on both domestic and international projects, and whose mission is to develop tourism products that are sustainable from an environmental, economic and social point of view, and to develop programs that help the development of destinations and attractions. 

The soul of the company: Csaba Kedves

The owner and managing director of the company, Csaba Kedves, has two decades of experience in the field of development programs, and has participated in the creative planning, implementation and operation of numerous projects.

He has extensive experience in development policy and creative planning, and his interests are in the practical utilization of innovative cultural-themed interpretation tools and IT solutions of the future.

In addition to innovative solutions, its priority area is tourism quality management, which offers complex solutions for tourist attractions and businesses: situation exploration and situation analysis are always complemented by a pragmatic action plan, which offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges it defines in accordance with market competition and workforce development. 

Kedves Csaba
Nagy Júlia

Co-manager: Júlia Nagy


She has nearly two decades of practical tourism experience. 

In 2019, she received the Imre Papp Jr. Memorial Award of the Tourism Industry Example. 

As a destination development specialist, she led the tourism organizations in Tokaj and Miskolc, and as the head of the latter tourism organization, she did a lot to double the number of guest nights in Miskolc in five years and reposition the city in the domestic market. and the international tourism market. As of 2017, as the operator of the attractions and accommodations of the Bükki National Park Administration, it implemented a number of small and large developments and achieved a traffic increase of about 50%. In the same place, in 3 years, she participated in the launch of 3 new attractions and two new accommodations.

In the field of marketing and communication, she has been the developer and implementer of numerous nationally awarded campaigns in recent years, and with her unique tools and methods, she draws attention to the area she manages from time to time. 

Her mission is the development of active and eco-tourism products, and it has been a volunteer of the Novohrad-Nógrád Geopark for years. 


The Team

InnoTime Hungary is more than a company, but rather a friendly community of tourism and development professionals whose goal is to implement projects based on SMART and other innovative tools in tourism marketing work and product development.

Our goal: to develop tourism service packages and marketing tools that go beyond the practices of the recent past and today. Our development programs focus on social, economic and natural sustainability.

That is why we keep up-to-date with the latest international trends, the latest technological developments, and most importantly, taking domestic opportunities into account, we offer unique tools to individual tourism providers, service communities, unique attractions, for which we provide integrated product development and marketing for all destinations, with whom we we are working.

Our employees

Adriány Csenge

fsustainable tourism expert
project manager

In recent years, she worked as an employee of the international organization Green Destinations, as well as the organization's representative in Hungary. Her area of ​​expertise is primarily sustainable tourism and destination management.

Adriány Csenge

Erdélyi Evelin


Gyakorlati turisztikai szakemberként hosszú ideje segíti az Innotime Hungary munkáját. Elsősorban a cég kutatási és marketing projektjeiben dolgozik.

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