Why Innotime?

Our passion is tourism!

The members of our team are tourism specialists who believe that tourism can only be developed with complex tools, which must be able to simultaneously serve economic-social-environmental sustainability and the experience, comfort and relaxation of the guests arriving at the destination. That is why we have worked on projects that cover all aspects of this complexity, from research to strategic planning, product development and training to marketing, measurement, monitoring and follow-up.

Tourism, destinations, and tourist services are about people and for people, and we ourselves represent this people-centeredness. We have built long-term relationships with many Hungarian destinations, settlements and attractions, and let's face it, we don't have clients, but partners, with whom we work together so that as many competitive areas as possible await guests in Hungary. 

We are passionate about tourism and believe in its benefits, as we are convinced that tourism can simultaneously help strengthen the local community, develop the local economy and pass on natural and heritage values to the next generations. That's why our developments are human- and nature-centered at the same time, and we work to offer practical, feasible and transformative solutions - that's why we don't design at the desk, all our work is preceded by on-site research and visits.

Tamási, Parkerdei kilátó Julival

Sustainability is at the center!

Because of our work, we travel a lot, but we ourselves try to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible:

  • Our car fleet consists of cars with low emissions and mostly green license plates.
  • Our company is based in a fantastic forest village, Bükkszék, in the embrace of places. Our office is our home, all our employees work in a home office in order to reduce harmful emissions every day. When we have to travel, we try to drive as little as possible.
  • We strive to use as little paper as possible, which is why we prefer online solutions when communicating.
  • During our marketing projects, we give preference to environmentally friendly solutions, and we try to base our marketing communication tools on the products of local artisan producers.
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