Holistic Destination Transformation Program

Are you ready to transform your destination into a model of sustainable tourism excellence? Look no further than the ’10 Months – 10 Challenges’ Sustainable Tourism Management Program. This innovative initiative, recognized as a best practice by the Future of Tourism Coalition and a case study in Hungaryis set to revolutionize how destinations approach sustainability and tourism management.

This groundbreaking program is designed to empower destinations worldwide with the tools and expertise needed to elevate their tourism management, bridging the gap between top-down and bottom-up approach. With a successful track record in Veszprém–Balaton, Hungary, this program is now available to destinations around the globe seeking to enhance their international appeal and sustainability, starting from within: the local product and service providers and institutions. 

Seeing the Bigger Picture

At its core, sustainable tourism extends far beyond the boundaries of tourist businesses; it encompasses ecosystems, natural resources, cultural heritage, communities, aesthetics, and infrastructure. The ’10 Months-10 Challenges’ Program acknowledges this holistic perspective, leading the way for a sustainable tourism paradigm shift, parallelly, at the local community, -service and product provider and management level.

Program Overview

The „Holistic Destination Transformation Program” is a comprehensive and adaptable initiative that can be customized to suit the unique needs and characteristics of any destination. It leverages the experience and success of the Veszprém–Balaton 2023 ECOC Program, offering a proven framework for destination enhancement.

Key Features

  • Tailored Destination TransformationWe understand that every destination is unique. Our program begins with an in-depth analysis of your destination’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We then create a tailored strategy to enhance your destination’s international appeal and sustainability.

  • Capacity BuildingLocal institutions will undergo training to equip them with know-how into visitor expectations. Our comprehensive curriculum covers the latest trends and best practices in tourism management.

  • 10 Unique ChallengesOver the course of ten months, participants will face a series of challenges designed to address specific aspects of destination transformation. These challenges encompass marketing strategies, local product development, sustainability initiatives, accessibility, barrier-free tourism, and more.

  • Local Network BuildingConnect with experts, businesses, and fellow destination representatives. Establish invaluable networks locally that foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.

  • International ShowcasePresent your destination’s progress and achievements to a global audience. Gain recognition and exposure for your destination as it evolves into a better place to live and a premier international tourist attraction.

Why Choose Our Program?

  • Proven SuccessOur program is based on the remarkable success of Veszprém–Balaton in Hungary, which has seen exponential growth in its international tourism sector.

  • CustomizationWe understand that no two destinations are alike. Our program can be tailored to suit your destination’s unique characteristics and goals.

  • Effective time managementWith a 1 year framework we give a well defined structure to the program.

  • SustainabilityWe prioritize sustainable tourism practices to ensure the long-term well-being of your destination and its communities.

  • SMART solutionsOur focus also incorporates digitalization, accessibility and inclusivity.

Program Implementation

The Journey Begins

Imagine a city that leads the charge in sustainability, where every tourist facility boasts an independent but coordinated sustainability and accessibility program. That’s precisely what your destination will achieve through this program. The journey begins with a comprehensive tourism audit, setting the stage for transformation.

The „Holistic Destination Transformation Program” is adaptable to various timelines and budgets. We work closely with destination authorities, businesses, and stakeholders to ensure seamless program implementation.

A Comprehensive Approach

Running for a year, the ’10 Months-10 Challenges’ Program embraces ten crucial areas for development, spanning both destination and institutional levels. Its overarching goal is to promote long-term economic, social, and environmental sustainability for the destination and its tourism ecosystem. Aligning with the SMART objectives, the program crafts a sustainable tourism action plan for the entire destination and its institutions.

Capacity Building at the Heart

What sets this program apart is its focus on empowering the staff of primary tourism attractions of your destination. Each month, dedicated to a specific theme, features live workshops, online webinars, tailored support materials, one-on-one goal-setting sessions, group meetings, and ongoing follow-ups. The themes encompass a broad spectrum, from institutional attraction and capacity building to enhancing language skills.

Mapping Sustainability

The ’10 Months-10 Challenges’ Program also undertakes the rigorous task of mapping compliance with Green Destinations’ (a GSTC accredited certification body) standards. An action plan with tasks to be completed by the end of the program is created, ensuring that sustainability initiatives would extend to both destination and institution levels. This lays the groundwork for a comprehensive tourism management system, leveraging digital tools for ticketing and real-time data to manage visitor numbers effectively.

A Community Effort

Sustainability is not limited to institutional action but embraces a community-driven approach. The program fosters joint action and encourages institutions to communicate their sustainability goals collectively. This transparent approach allows residents, staff, and guests to witness the positive changes happening in real-time.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

Key to the program’s success is making your destination’s tourism offerings accessible to all. Special focus is placed on welcoming families, cyclists, and dog owners. Accessibility measures are integrated into visitor management processes, including communication and interpretation tools. Language accessibility is also prioritized with the introduction of multilingual options and pictograms.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

The ’10 Months-10 Challenges’ Program doesn’t just focus on sustainability; it aims to enhance the visitor experience. An innovative audio guide system is developed for individual guests to explore the destination at their own pace. Family-friendly services are improved with child-friendly exhibition content, play areas, and facilities like luggage storage and phone charging points.

A Green Commitment

All participating institutions will proudly showcase their sustainability efforts on their websites. Additionally, the program introduces a distinctive ‘Green Wall’ featuring pictograms that illustrate sustainability actions at various institutions, providing clarity on their dedication to making the destination an enduringly attractive green destination.


The ’10 Months-10 Challenges’ Sustainable Tourism Management Program is a proven model that showcases a combined bottom-up and top-down approach to sustainability, making it a compelling choice for destinations, Destination Management Organizations (DMOs), and municipalities. Join us in shaping a sustainable future for tourism and communities everywhere.

The „Holistic Destination Transformation Program: 10 Months, 10 Challenges for Destination Enhancement” is a transformative opportunity for destinations worldwide. Whether you’re a tropical paradise, a historic city, or an emerging gem, this program can help you unlock your full tourism potential. Join us in the journey to enhance your destination’s global appeal and contribute to the sustainable growth of your tourism industry.

Elevate your destination to new heights, make a lasting impact, and become a prominent player in the international tourism landscape. Contact us today to discuss how this program can be customized to bring your destination’s unique charm to the world stage. Together, we can transform your destination into a global tourism sensation.

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